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Make it worth

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Life is borrowed. It doesn't belong to us, it arrives as a gift and leaves us with no explanations. We pretend to be rational; we try in vain to search for answers why life has to end. Even in occasions when life ends because of biological reasons, it’s not enough for us. But when life ends because of an accident, without warning, only ambiguous premonitions, the feelings are incomprehension, injustice, anguish and loneliness.

Many times we live as we were immortals, as if our acts didn’t have any consequences, as if only we should matter. This question has been raised many times, but what would happen if we knew that we would die tomorrow? What would be our regrets? Who should we ask for forgiveness? To who should we be grateful? What we would do different?

Why then wait to know that we are going to die, to live differently?

I deeply believe, and I try to live accordingly, that no matter how old we are, the kind of job you have, how much money you make and even your health, the key is to follow three things: (1) try to leave a mark, a legacy, that your life has some importance to others; (2) be in peace with others, which doesn’t mean to agree with others or to adapt to other’s thinking, it means to be faithful with yourself, to live respectfully, and not to hurt others; (3) enjoy, be thankful, don’t get worried, live, know, learn and take risks, because safety at the end is an illusion.

Life is full of second chances, but it comes to an end.

Make it worth

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