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Creciendo (2005)

Creciendo is an album that, as opposite to Extremos, was composed and recorded in a normal period of time, perhaps 5 months. We combined composition, recording and mixing in an iterative and very creative process. Plus we all had a good time. Javier Sepulveda joined the band so now we are Jaime Rosas Cuarteto, or JRC for short. Creciendo starts with Invocacion, a piece that was originally the first part of "El Mito del Eterno Retorno", because it has a lot of themes that are developed further on; we decided to put it in the beginning of the CD in order to have an intro that could unify and give a sense of integrity to the rest of the work. Creciendo is the song that gives the name to the CD and has a simple message: Don't forget those ancestral generations who gave us their knowledge and light. What define us is our total time: our past, present and future, but only looking to the the past we can learn with more certainty. Un Volcan en las Nubes is an instrumental piece for organ and electric guitar, I composed it in front of the majesty of Villarrica volcano in southern Chile, with all its base covered with clouds. Now, rock n’ roll with Gravedad, which is something like a developed "Brief Rock Piece": keyboards, drums and guitar solos, changing metrics, different atmospheres and a lot of rock 'n' roll. La Hermandad del Fin del Mundo was originally composed for the DVD "Untamed Patagonia", this version is less incidental and more direct. Rodrigo Godoy plays all guitars, sings and takes control of half of the composition. This track is the necessary  rest between all the noise of the CD. Imprudencia is instrumental minimalistic  rock, a few elements squeezed to the highest point. The main theme is a variation  of the "mathematical clap" a Scout's game, that is repeated like 78 times in three different variations. Now is time for El Mito del Eterno Retorno, the Progressive track of the CD, as you can imagine, by far, the most difficult to compose, perform and mix (that's why we spend 5 months doing this record!!!). Finally, Ocaso, peace and relief at the end of the journey.


I recorded most of the keyboards and composed "Un Volcan en las Nubes"  in front of the Villarrica Volcano.

Jaime Rosas: Keyboards

Rodrigo Godoy: Bass, Guitars*, Vocals

Javier Sepulveda: Guitars

Alex von Chrismar:  Drums


Music and Lyrics by Jaime Rosas,except "La Hermandad del Fin del Mundo",

music by Jaime Rosas and Rodrigo Godoy.


* Rodrigo Godoy: Guitars in “Un Volcan en las Nubes”,

“La Hermandad del Fin del Mundo”, “Imprudencia” and “El Mito del Eterno Retorno” Final solo.


Drums recorded at Tarkus studios, December 2004.

Engineer: Jeronimo Labrada

Assistant: Rocio Bravo


Keyboards recorded at Opus 125 studios, January – February 2005 by Jaime Rosas

Bass, Guitars and Vocals recorded at Sonicastudios, February – March 2005 by Rodrigo Godoy


Mixed by Rodrigo Godoy at Sonica studios, April 2005.

Mastered by Rodrigo Mardonesat The NeoSonic Experience, May 2005


CD art and design: Andrés Oreña

Photography:  Gloria Godoy 

Produced by Rodrigo Godoy


Released in June, 2005 through Mylodon Records

Distributed by Mylodon Records / Musea Records

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