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Odisea: Entrance Live in Mexico (2006)

Odisea is a live album that was recorded during the "En la Tierra" tour through Mexico, in 2003. We had gigs for 4 weeks and played in several cities, ending at the Baja Prog Festival in Mexicali. What was meant to be a typical progressive rock band tour (meaning: boring), ended up being a typical rock n’ roll tour (meaning: lots of fun, great attitude on live shows, we met a lot of people, went to many parties, and... you know, enjoying every second of that tour). This was our first real tour and left a profound and positive feeling too each one of us.

The first gig of the tour was at a prog rock club called "La Corte Final" in Mexico City, to our surprise it was a sold out show, which was very strange since even in the art rock universe we were not known at the time. Juan, our tour manager, was aware of the fact that we had recently played at a Genesis tribute, so he sold this particular gig as a Genesis Tribute and some songs of this new prog band called Entrance. No a problem at all. The Entrance setlist included music from our two records, and in the Genesis part of the show we played Los Endos, Watcher of the skies, Firth of Fifth and the Three Sides Live Medley (In the Cage, Cinema Show, Slipperman, Afterglow). The club was full of people, even at the stairs, and after the show they all stayed to a meet and greet with us for two hours at least. Very good start. 

The show with the smallest audience? Chihuaha. Promotion was non existent, hence, nobody knew we were in town, so the audience of the club was 5 people. Moreover, the lights on stage kept turning off, we couldnt see anything and sound was extremely awful (I only heard the drums). All bad. The rest of the tour was in fact very good so this was a weird exception. Anyway, we played the whole show and the audience (all 5) were extremely happy.

Jaime Scalpello: Vocals

Jaime Rosas: Keyboards

Rodrigo Godoy: Bass

Richard Pilnik: Guitars

Alex von Chrismar: Drums



Recorded live during the "En la Tierra" Tour - México 2003.


1. Alas Fugaces

2. Odisea

3. Despertar

4. Dos Almas

5. Mil Almas

6. Sitios Perdidos

7. Vértigo

8. Extraños Entre dos Mundos

9. Mirada de Luz


Mixed by Rodrigo Godoy at Sonica studios, January 2006.

Mastered by Rodrigo Mardones at The NeoSonic Experience, January, 2006.


Art work: Andrés Oreña

Photographs: Roberto Córdova Leyva



Released Date: March, 2006.

Record Label: Mylodon Records

Distribution: Mylodon Records / Musea Records

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