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Entre Dos Mundos (2008)

This record, our third studio album, is somewhat a culmination for Entrance, from my point of view it is our finest work in every sense: composition, performance and production. Every one of us contributed to this work with a band perspective, with a higher scope. Sadly to say, marketing was a disaster, and this has been by far, the most unexploited work we have ever done. It was a long recording process, since we took all the time we needed so everyone in the band could be fully satisfied with the results. Although our label went angry a few times during the long recording and mixing process, we reached to a very happy ending.

Entre Dos Mundos made its debut live at Baja Prog festival in 2008.

Jaime Scalpello: Vocals

Jaime Rosas: Keyboards

Richard Pilnik: Guitars

Rodrigo Godoy: Bass and Vocals

Alex von Chrismar: Drums


1. Magica  

2. Promesas  

3. Hijos de Bagdad

4. Ilumina  

5. Invisible  

6. Voces Ahogadas


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rodrigo Godoy at Sonica productora


Drums recorded at Tarkus by Ricardo Weiler


Art & Design by Alfonso Diaz


Produced by Rodrigo Godoy except “Magica” and “Voces Ahogadas”produced by Jaime Rosas

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