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Virgo (2003)

"Virgo" is a very personal work that faithfully defines my conception of music and that has in composition it's central core. The central work is "Sinfonía" (Symphony), I quote from Rockaxis magazine: it is a four movement opus, that takes us through a journey with different shades, sonic textures, calm and intense elements. I would say that in Rosas we find a perfect combination between modernity and tradition, between old and new progressive. There are profound and beautiful passages clearly inspired in classical music, form composers such as Beethoven and Stravinsky, both of which Rosas is a kind of specialist and a truly admirer. In summary, this is a great Opus of a pure symphonic style and with clearness in what he wants to express. 


At the time of the recording I didn’t have much money so I was invited to use a studio in their non working hours, it could be 40 minutes in the morning, 1 hour at the evening, or the whole night. I remember several days in which I didn’t sleep at all: those were absolutely good times I must say.

In 2023 I will release a 20 year special edition. Remixed, re mastered and even some re recordings of drums and bass tracks. 

Jaime Rosas: Keyboards

Jaime Scalpello: Vocals (in Lluvia)


Recorded at Opus 125 Studios, Santiago, Chile.

Mixed at Magna Studios, Santiago, Chile.

Mixing and voice recording by Rodrigo Godoy

Mastering: Juan Anderson

Graphic art:  Patricio Saavedra

Photography: Soledad Gómez

Release date: February, 2003

Label: Virus Music / Sony Music


Composed & produced by Jaime Rosas

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