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Entrance (1999)

We began playing in 1997, first we rehearsed music from ELP, Dream Theater, YES, Genesis and Deep Purple. After a couple of months, when everybody felt we were doing the right move, we decided to begin playing our own music. Since Entrance already existed before I joined the band, they already had material, consisting in rock oriented, simple songs. I was asked to compose new arrangements for the music, mostly intros, instrumental parts and solos. I also composed the music of Alas Fugaces and I helped Claudio Morice in the composition of Extraños entre Dos Mundos. In those days we used to play like 90% of covers, and gradually we began playing more and more our own music, till we reached a point where we played one or two covers in each show. In those days nobody in the band had home studios, so this CD was recorded entirely in one studio. We spend many days and nights working and frankly, it was a hard process. The band was not prepared to deal with the pressure of studio working, so as expected, we had our fights and misunderstandings. Finally the record was ready and it had a good set of reviews, not great but good. We learned a lot from this process, so in our future works, many things changed: composition, production, recording, mixing, team work and business. When I listen to this record many thoughts come around, but basically I am amazed to establish how much we evolved through the years.


Alan Alvarez: Bass

Alejandro de la Cuadra: Drums

Claudio Morice: Vocals

Richard Pilnik: Guitars

Jaime Rosas: keyboards


Produced by Jaime Rosas

Co produced by Richard Pilnik

Recorded at HIT Studios, Santiago, Chile


Recording engineers: Carlos Henriquez and Claudio Torres

Mixed by Carlos Henriquez

Assistants: Eric “Porte” Parra, Carolina Rosas, Marco Acuña, Jorge “Cano” Céspedes and Cristian “Mono” Castro.

Mastered at HIT studios by Carlos Henriquez

Design: Patricio Saavedra

Cover photograph: Gonzalo Suez

Band photograph: Soledad Gómez


Originally released by Toxic records in 1999.  

Re released by Mylodon records in 2003.

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