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Viajero Astral: JRC Live in Brazil (2007)

After recording Creciendo, we did a memorable small tour through Brazil, where we ended playing at the Rio Art Rock Festival, in an amazing theater. This tour, as opposite to others, didn’t had many gigs, so we really tried to make the most our days over there and we had an very good time time!  The setlist includes music from my previous solo records and Entrance as well; it is interesting to hear  the Brief Rock Pieces versions with guitar, since none of them had any guitar in the original recordings. 

"Live in Brazil" was recorded  by Bob Nagy and mixed in Chile by Rodrigo Godoy, this particular show was held in Rio Art Rock Festival, where we played with Nektar. I love playing in theaters, the energy is so different, I think the audience is more comfortable so it all comes to music and people in a direct and honest way. Everybody should go to Brazil at least once. In this amazing country everything is sports, music, romance and a "don't worry be happy" approach to life. They can have many problems, but they are always open, enjoying, healthy, smiling. So the whole Brazilian tour was having a good time, and that particular show just followed that trend. This was one of those shows where after playing, you go to the lobby of the theater, and you meet the audience, in a one-by-one basis. It doesn't get better than that: talking and knowing many people, taking pictures, signing records, and just hanging around with them. I really appreciate this after-show, it fills me with energy to keep composing, recording and touring.

Jaime Rosas: Keyboards

Rodrigo Godoy: Guitar, Bass and Vocals

Javier Sepulveda: Guitars

Alex von Chrismar: Drums

Recorded live at the Rio Art Rock Festival - Brazil 2005.



1. Viajero Astral

2. Odisea

3. Despertar

4. Gravedad

5. Creciendo

6. Lluvia

7. Un Volcán en las Nubes

8. Breve Pieza Rockera III

9. Breve Pieza Rockera V

10. Breve Pieza Rockera X

11. Breve Pieza Rockera VI

12. El Mito del Eterno Retorno

Theater Crew


Director: Sohail Saud

Administration: Teresa Salgado

Executive Production: Catherine Bueno & Cris Honorato

Coordination: Luciene Rocha

Coordination Assistant: Adelmo Cavalcanti

Operator: Jadir Oliveira

Operation Assistant: Luis Gustavo

Lights: Palito & Wellt Camara

Sound: Teles Audio

Electricians: Renato Lima & Wilson Pinto

Cameras: Cristiane de Souza & Sonia Loureiro

Printing assistant: Mariana Puche


All tracks recorded by Bob Nagy on November 10th, 2005.

Mixed by Rodrigo Godoy at Sonica studios , January 2006.

Mastered by Rodrigo Mardones


Art design: Gustavo Sazes

Produced by Leonardo Nahum for Rock Symphony

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