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En la Tierra (2002)

En la Tierra was recorded in 2001, so after four years playing with Entrance, we knew what we wanted to do... and we did it. We knew what kind of band we wanted to be in terms of composition, sound, live shows and record label relationship. I composed the four movement suite Lobo Estepario (based in Herman Hesse's Steppenwolf) and co wrote Bi-axis with Jaime Scalpello. We also recorded a new version of Alas Fugaces, which I have composed with Claudio Morice for our debut album. Richard Pilnik contributed with Vertigo and Jaime Scalpello with Tabatha. En la Tierra is all we wanted to be as a band since all the elements we really cared about are present: melody, harmony, structures and the strength only rock music can give. We had a great time making this record and I can still remember the BBQ we had for our private celebration with the band. The music sounded so good, we were all so proud of this work. And we still are... well, maybe not that much about the cover art…

Jaime Scalpello: Vocals

Richard Pilnik: Guitars

Rodrigo Godoy: Bass and Vocals

Jaime Rosas: Keyboards

Alex von Chrismar: Drums


Recorded and mixed at Magna Studios, Santiago, Chile between september and december, 2001.


Mastered by Juan Anderson

Photographs by Marco Orellana

Second engineer: Osvaldo Cueto

Graphic concept: Jaime Scalpello

Visual Art by Andres Quilodran


Produced, recorded and mixed by Rodrigo Godoy

Originally released by Mylodon records on May, 2002

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