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A Sacred place in the gates of Patagonia

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Frutillar is a very small city in southern Chile, on the banks of Lake Llanquihue, Chile´s largest lake. 15.000 people live in the area and, as many cities of the zone, it is a peaceful place, with lots of fauna and flora, healthy life and exquisite cuisine. The first inhabitants were German settlers in the mid 1850’s, and following their culture, music has always been central to their lives. A great virtue of the next generations, was to keep the music tradition alive and project it to the future. It is really impressive to discover, in the gates of Patagonia, the Theater of the Lake, an awesome work of engineering and art. I don’t exaggerate when I say that this place is the best of nature and man. The majesty of the Osorno volcano and the peace that Lake Llanquihue gives is mixed with thousand of trees, several types of birds, an impressive blue sky and a the purest air of all. Within all that beauty, the theatre stands as a remarkable work of art, not only for its wood and copper facade, but for its acoustics, one of the bests of the world. The relation between architecture and music is preset in every visual and acoustic detail: wood, spaces, lights and integration with nature. I attended a concert in the main hall with music from Beethoven, Poulanc, Debussy and Brahms. The quality of the sound, the majesty and warmth of the place made a very unique experience. It is moving to verify that some people use their personal fortune to create and support spaces like this. From this humble site I give my regards and gratitude to the Scheiss family and everyone who actively collaborates with this sacred place.

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