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Ikaro (2022)
A soul-healing journey through the Amazon

Ikaro is the magical song that the shamans of the amazon use in their sacred ceremonies. It is an infinite melody that in each repetition gets more profound.

The shamans channel their energy singing this mystic music, connecting with the universe and guiding the seekers on their spiritual journey.

Ikaro 1 (4:17)

Optimism at the beginning of the path


Ikaro 2 (7:17)

The sounds of the jungle, New worlds 


Ikaro 3 (4:17)

First ceremony: the voices that guide us


Ikaro 4 (4:17)

Second ceremony: journeys


Ikaro 5 (5:17)

Chillin' out


Ikaro 6 (7:17)

Third ceremony: liberation


Ikaro 7 (4:17)

Fourth ceremony: farewell


Ikaro 8 (5:17)

New beginnings

Vocals: Lua de Morais, Loreto Chaparro, Rodrigo Godoy, Pato Martin, Mariana Scalpello 

Keyboards & Programming: Jaime Rosas

Guitars: Nico Figueroa

Percussion: Pato Martin

Recorded at Opus 125 Studios by JR and at Buoo by Rodrigo Godoy

Mixed and mastered at Opus 125 Studios by JR

Design by Jaime Rosas & Patricio Saavedra

Music composed and produced by Jaime Rosas

Released in November 2022 by New Morning Music Day (Germany) and Mylodon Records (Chile)


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