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One Silent Shout (2017)

A Creative Presence

The original idea of One Silent Shout came through in June 2007 at the Atlanta Airport, where I witnessed how soldiers said goodbye to their loved ones and departed to the war zone. For a guy who lives in the south side of the continent and his interaction with war has been through TV and newspapers and books, it was an overwhelming scene, a very emotional moment. But oddly, it was an invisible scene as well, since most people didn’t pay attention to what I was witnessing . 

One Silent Shout is the story of Adam, a soldier who goes to war to fight for a better world for his daughter. He and his brothers of the platoon share common values: patriotism, freedom, love for their families, and the strength to fight and give their lives for a better world. The know they are answering their generation’s call. All this confidence slowly shifts as Adam finds a different world, a grey and savage war, a violent world that doesn’t respect anything.  

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One Silent Shout’s leitmotif is the respect for life and the odyssey of a man who deeply loves his family and wants to make a difference in the world. 

One Silent Shout is a 2 hour - 12 minutes Rock Opera with two acts, each one with 14 parts. It starts with an instrumental overture (as it should be) and then the singers appear. It is scored for a rock ensamble (drums, bass, guitars and keyboards), string orchestra, three solo singers and a male choir. It was a rather lengthy process of creation: I finished the lyrics for my birthday in 2012 in Bucerías, north of Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico. The last bar of music was composed in my home studio Opus 125, in Chile, in May 2017, during the post production audio process (I’ve been a control freak lately). It has been a very fulfilling adventure and I’m very proud with the final results. I have met very talented people and I have definitely grown as an artist. 

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