Entre Dos Mundos (2008)


This record, our third studio album, is somewhat a culmination for Entrance, from my point of view it is our finest work in every sense: composition, performance and production. Every one of us contributed to this work with a band perspective, with a higher scope. Sadly to say, marketing was a disaster, and this has been by far, the most unexploited work we have ever done. This album stars with Magica, a thematic sequel of Viajero Astral (from Extremos) and El Mito del Eterno Retorno (from Creciendo). Prog to the max. Rodrigo Godoy composed and sung in Ilumina, a highlight in every live show. Richard Pilnik, as usual, is in charge of the rock oriented department and has a remarkable job as a composer and guitarist in Promesas and Invisible. Jaime Scalpello brings Hijos de Bagdad, his trademark song. The album ends with Voces Ahogadas, the other full prog track. Entre Dos Mundos made its debut live at Baja Prog festival in 2008.   


Cesar Inca

Entrance is back, and is back with a vengeance. With the sophomore release "En la Tierra", this Chilean quintet had delivered an outstanding manifestation of modern symphonic rock from the Latin American field. After a crisis and hiatus, which included the emergence of various projects by the hands of the band's former members (Jaime Rosas, Scalpello, Australis), Entrance got back together to write and record what surely is the most accomplished effort so far - "Entre Dos Mundos". This album feeds from the aforesaid projects' expansions of energy, in this way reinforcing the variety of symphonic rock, prog-metal and melodic hard rock that the fivesome handle so well. In comparison, you can tell that the rhythm duo of Von Chrismar and Godoy has a stronger presence in the overall mix, This album begins and ends with epic tracks. The opener 'Mágica' occupies the first 15- minutes, with introductory water effects than soon lead to a majestic intro of organ and synth. Once the first sung section settles in, the sense of power shows off properly, soon to be enhanced through the long instrumental interlude that states a set of challenging motif and tempo variations, headlong for a spectacular climax. The second section is slow and intimate, with soft piano and introspective singing. The third and final section brings back the explicit pomposity that had been delivered in the beginning (including a fabulous guitar solo by Pilnik): the explosive closure adequately retakes the magnificent keyboard-driven escalade that had been a crucial part of the first's section end. The final suite is 'Voces Ahogadas', which kicks off with battlefield ambient noises. The melodic development is clear and precise, giving special predominance to reflective moods. At the minute 6 mark, the latent ethereal ambience gets to the fore, featuring dreamy pipe organ layers and Scalpello's emotional singing. The suite's last section goes wild in terms of typical progressive complexity, always controlled yet with a sense of free-spirited magnificence. Rosas' keyboards are plethoric, as well as Pilnik's soaring guitar solo and Godoy's undulating bass foundations. What happens between these two monster tracks? A solid exhibition of the band's rockier side, with the band ostentatiously focused on mixing the stylish dynamics of prog metal and the catchy vibe of hard rock (a-la Rainbow and 80's Deep Purple). 'Promesas' and 'Invisible' are red hot rockers that grow firmly on heavy trends, still including effective prog-oriented ornaments along the way: the former has an extended instrumental interlude that almost sounds like a "dream- theaterized" sort of Pink Floyd; the latter inserts a stylish 7/8 tempo on the choruses, as well as Lifeson- like guitar leads and Wakeman-like synth phrases for good effect. 'Ilumina' is a Gody-penned piece (he also handles the lead vocals on this one) lasts less than 3'10" but it sure includes enough variety in its melodic structure to work out as an excellent exercise on prog metal. It sure is a musical journey of titanic dimensions, especially regarding the pyrotechnical interlude. 'Los Hijos de Bagdad', on the other hand, bears the typical feel of standards power rock ballads: penned by Scalpello, its evocative melodic scheme properly reflects the sense of loneliness that overwhelms war victims all over the world. Of course, the title's allusion hints at the victims of the specific war in Irak. Well, this is all there is in this excellent album: "Entre Dos Mundos" is an exciting, effective demonstration of good, modern prog rock. Entrance has made quite a mark for the prog rock filed in 2008.

Jaime Scalpello: Vocals
Jaime Rosas: Keyboards

Richard Pilnik: Guitars

Rodrigo Godoy: Bass and Vocals

Alex von Chrismar: Drums

1. Magica
2. Promesas
3. Hijos de Bagdad
4. Ilumina
5. Invisible
6. Voces Ahogadas

Recorded, mixed and masterized by Rodrigo Godoy
en estudios Sonica productora

Drums recorded at Tarkus by Ricardo Weiler

Art & Design by Alfonso Diaz

Produced by Rodrigo Godoy
except “Magica” and “Voces Ahogadas” produced by Jaime Rosas